Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Why read this?

Searching for online education can be complex based on programs offerings, financial aid, and various certifications offered, making it difficult for potential students to understand which school may be the best choice. OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide demystifies the evaluation process by providing a personalized recommendation based on school program offerings for a user to request information directly from a school.

Who we are

OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide was started by three online-education marketing experts who came to the conclusion that most potential students have very little idea what makes one online college better than another. Potential needed a resource to help shed light, and so they started OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide.

Evaluation Methodology

OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide has a two-pronged approach for determining which school matches are best for a user. The first is that not all students are alike, particularly in the eyes of schools, but potential students often fall into groups that make one college a better fit than another. Some schools have exact match programs available to potential students. Some potential students just care about schools that offer a like program, others really want to know more about every program being offered.

Second, many schools will only accept potential students to their program based on their highest level of education completed. OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide’s technology takes this into consideration so that potential students are qualified prior to being shown school offerings.


OnlinePsychologyDegreeGuide.com offers advertising opportunities to its partners. If you choose to click to one of our advertiser partners, we may receive compensation. However, our advertiser partners do not determine the content on our site and how we collect our data. We are committed to providing consumers the best data and information to match a user to a school in our network.